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“I have known Alberto for some time and I appreciate the resourcefulness and the ability to find and contextualize truly new solutions in consolidated areas.”

Milo Gusmeroli

Vice president
at the Banca Popolare of Sondrio

“I have had the pleasure of working on more than one occasion with Alberto, in different projects and areas but always being able to count on his unquenchable enthusiasm and level of commitment. Through the comparison with him and thanks to his ability to aggregate skills and solutions I have always managed to to address the faced up problematics. I know I can count on his capacity for innovation and his willingness to seek and build solutions.”

Paolo Trincianti

CIO Italy and Est Europe
at Covisian

“I met Alberto in 2016 and, immediately, a “concentrate” of ideas appeared,
technologically prepared on products, both mass and niche, he immediately
proposed ad hoc solutions for my company. His preparation space in very different areas and this allows it to always be prepared and in line with the customer’s needs.”

Mauro Azzini

IT Demand Alternative Asset Managment
at Prelios

“Alberto is the guide for all managers who have to direct innovation projects, every minute spent with him pays off infinitely!! Continue like this… Great!!!”

Sandro Pagliari

IT Security Technical Leader
at ING

“He is like Wolf: He solves problems…”

Stefano Pasquali

Head of Financial Audit – Group Head Office & Thematic Audit
at Generali
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