The video interview on demand for an exceptional selection experience

Process Optimization

The only solution that works to make the relationship between Company and Candidate balanced, considering them united and indispensable, for an excellent and mutual result.
It can facilitate the selection process in terms of speed and effectiveness, allowing the candidate to have an important and exceptional experience expressing himself from the beginning of the selection process.

The concept is to help companies find TALENTS and help TALENTS to be found.

Today the data tells us that 78% of invited candidates appreciate and do the On-Demand video interview because it is useful in terms of opportunities and experience.

Some important points:

  • A very effective and highly efficient User (selector) experience that leads to time savings and improved candidate quality
  • Employer corporate branding (innovative image)
  • International experience
  • On-demand interview and Live interview + personalization
  • Integration with any ATS to improve the process and activities allowing information storage (On-demand / Live video)
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