Social Engineering


In the field of computer security, social engineering is the study of a person's individual behavior in order to gain useful information.

Let's say right away that the technology reaches a certain point, then training, awareness and common sense take over. Security has always been perceived as an idea to refer to technology (therefore antivirus, firewall) but things have changed and the rapid evolution of the topic has also absorbed the human factor in the process. There are new subtle access tactics to data such as social engineering, halfway between psychology and engineering, which study the behavior of victims to find common topics and come into direct contact: a psychological manipulation that causes victims to reveal personal information without realizing it. Contact techniques that rely on authoritativeness, fear, guilt, ignorance but also phishing and baiting: a social engineering attack is slow but can be much more incisive and devastating than a malware infection. In short, cyber criminals do not live by malicious links alone. It takes head, heart, passion and all work together on digital culture and education.

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