Protecting your fingerprint from external threats


The rate at which cybercrime increases is very high, becoming increasingly aggressive and adaptive compared to the traditional counter-security measures currently in use.
Organizations can no longer just “focus” on protecting their corporate network (perimeter) but must go further by promptly identifying external threats before they can cause damages to their company, their employees and brands, and finally to their customers.

Advantages of this suite: the platform constantly monitors thousands of sources in the “clear”, “deep” and “dark” web network in real time 24 hours a day, identifying external threats specifically addressed to the “unambiguous fingerprint” of the organization allowing it to have visibility and mitigation in “real time” on them, neutralizing them before they can harm.

Brand Protection: protection of your brands against attempts to impersonate and damage the reputation of the company. Loss of data and credentials: proactively detect and block available data and / or credentials in the clear, deep and dark web.

Phishing protection: identify and eliminate “phishing” domains at the first signs of “activity” before they begin to be “operational” and harmful. VIP protection: protect your management from targeted attacks and from very risky “fake” profiles for the person and the company.

Partner monitoring: monitoring and visibility of the security level of any “third parties” with whom strategic business relationships are maintained in order to understand any related risks.

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