PEC management

Process Optimization

Specific software for a safe, simple and complete management and compliance of all the functional or nominal PEC boxes already present in the company.

The solution is essential for the secure management of all Pec boxes already present in the Company. It’s the management software layer, which is placed between the existing pec mail boxes and the users. According to the estimates of the GDPR legislation as well as the compliance, it ensures tracking of access logs to know who and when a Pec was read and managed, manages the sorting and sending in an organized and secure way, automatically combines and preserves the receipts of what has been sent, prevents potential risks of loss, non-management on schedule, facilitates collaboration between the various roles inside and outside the Company. In the configuration panel, the mailbox administrator decides the access rules per user or work group. The solution intercepts incoming and outgoing messages and organizes them automatically, with many more functions than common mail software, designed for ordinary mail.

The management of company PEC mailboxes that does not provide for a secure consultation and archiving system and is protected from unauthorized access exposes to the risk of loss and / or dissemination of sensitive data.

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