Human and Artificial Intelligence for Business Processes

Process Optimization

An Artificial Intelligence solution able to automate business processes, such as Customer Service, internal Help Desk, Marketing Automation and Lead Generation, and to learn from the responses and behaviors of human operators by constantly improving their performance automatically.

An AI solution that helps companies solve the problems related to digitalization, customer satisfaction, competitiveness and growth. Contrary to existing methods, this Best in Class offers an intelligent and innovative solution that requires the least effort on the part of users and reduces the repetitive and boring actions of the human agent, improving the efficiency of Customer Service and reducing costs through:

Dynamic AI Training: when the AI ​​does not know how to answer a question it can learn from the answers of the human operator. In this way the knowledge base of the AI ​​grows over time.

CRM owner: with the Userbot Dashboard it is possible to view Analytics and Metrics in real time, train the AI ​​and answer the most complex questions.

Proprietary AI technology: the solution uses internally developed Artificial Intelligence technology that does not use third-party services. This allows you to always maintain ownership and control of data and more easily guarantee privacy.

Customized and performing solutions built on customer needs.

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